Bags: the light, versatile,
highly visible package.

Latest packaging revolution

The format that is changing the consumption habits

Bags are increasingly more popular on supermarket shelfs. They offer innovative solutions and light, versatile packages that offer a great impression surface. We have the most attractive proposals.

Doypack, the packaging that stands

Solid, powder, liquid, gel: the type of product to be packed is irrelevant; any of these can be contained in this pre-made bag model. It was created to stand when filled, but this is just one of its positive aspects. We also need to bear in mind what it offers:

More attractive on the supermarket shelf

  • It offers a great visual impact because, since it stands, it leaves a large area visible to the consumer.

  • It enables the printing in up to 9 colors in rotogravure and in up to 10 in flexography.
  • It can include a see-through window.
  • It can be completed with varnishes, paper effect or even made up from paper.

Practical and versatile

  • It can contain all types of products, including liquids.
  • It admits different accessories: caps, zip seal, easy-to-open system, micro-perforations, etc.
  • It can be manufactured with different materials, including high-barrier layers, aluminum complexes and eco-friendly solutions.  

Helps save costs

  • It can be included in automatic and semi-automatic packaging lines.
  • It has a great logistic advantage: it can be transported and stored in any position.

Also in eco-friendly version!

  • Recyclable product: Our recyclable doypack models are produced with a mono material, which can be made out of polyethylene or polypropylene.
  • Compostable: we have managed to manufacture doypack packages that can be turned into organic materials, including the zip seal!

Wicket bag: classic, square-bottom model

  • Mainly designed for baked products
  • Enables the automatic or manual packaging
  • Available both in mono and multi-material
  • We can print with 9 colors using the rotogravure method and with up to 10 using the flexography method

Flat-bottom bellow bag

  • This model extends the usefulness of the package, keeping the frontal dimension
  • Once the bag is full, it can stand steady in vertical position, offering a highly valuable visual impact
  • Available in different materials according to the product’s needs

Great-capacity bag

  • Pre-made packaging for big consumers or for industrial products
  • Different formats and models that may include handles

  • Available with high barrier and even with chemical resistance materials
  • We can print with 9 colors using the rotogravure method and with up to 10 using the flexography method

Three seams bag

  • Generally chosen due to its simple and clean look
  • It has three welding systems at both sides and on the base
  • Functional and resistant, it keeps the two main sides free or folds

Pearl welding bag

  • It is an alternative to the three seams bag, where the welding is minimized and turned into clean edges
  • It is likewise a simple, efficient aesthetical option