Your cold cuts and cheese are delicious. Any time is the right time to eat them. You are well aware that, if sliced, they are irresistible. Therefore, you offer them in trays, ready to open and enjoy. You can even add more value to your clients: the possibility to take them home in a fully-compostable package.

A compostable package sold on a thermoconformed tray and closing film.

In Eniter, we have created this package to provide more value to sliced products (be them cold cuts or cheese). It is a thermoconformed, compostable, plastic tray that closes with a lid that can be 100% made of film or of paper with window. The choice between paper of film for the lid will depend on the sensorial impressions that the producer wants to make the consumers feel. Both cases are totally compostable.

Their capacity to be turned into compost includes both the punnet and the closing layer, like adhesives and inks. This is why, once the consumer has enjoyed the product, the package can be easily deposited in the organic container.

Now also with plant-based plastics

A big share of compostable plastics come from renewable sources, at least partially. If you want to, we can also include this proposal… and certify it!

Re-feeding nature

Compostable packages are more and more popular among the public opinion for two main reasons.

  1. On the one hand, we have the comfort of being able to recycle them in the organic container with the rest of organic waste.
  2. On the other hand, there is an extended feeling, especially among the youngest consumers, that when choosing these packages, they are contributing to closing the circle of nature. Once this package is used, it will no longer be a waste and it will transform into compost to fertilize fields and re-initiate the food cycle.

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envases platos preparados

Many of the best-selling dishes in distribution—like hummus, salads or sushi—are eaten cold. Other—like pizza—are heated up, but not usually in their original packages. We present a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution for all of them. Choose it and make your brand reach the most demanding clients. These are thermoformed trays covered with a lid made up of paper or film and which form a totally compostable component.

An interesting list of advantages

This solution, proposed by Eniter, has characteristics that make it unbeatable in this segment:

  1. It is a compostable packaging. These means that, upon its use (with or without food scraps), it can be recycled in the organic container
  2. The whole package is compostable: the punnet and the closing layer, as well as the adhesives and inks used in its manufacturing.
  3. The package is made up of (totally or partially) plant-based plastics, this is, from renewable sources.
  4. From a functional and machinability point of view, this material offers very similar characteristics to the products used to date.
  5. Depending on the client’s needs, we can certify both the origin of materials and their capacity to produce compost.

The great advantage of getting ahead of regulations

Aside from the mentioned advantages, investing in these types of solutions allows companies to add more value to their brands. It is an undeniable commitment with the Planet’s future. It likewise helps avoiding moral conflicts for the clients: they will know they are contributing to suitability without having to give up their favorite ready-to-eat meals.

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Gourmets and purists prefer tea leaves, but most infusions and the rest of the tisane classics (chamomile, linden, mint) are sold in sachets. A matter of comfort.

Longer shelf-life, more intense aroma, compostable.

The compostable material used to produce the external sachet covering the teabag is very interesting from the product’s durability point of view, because it allows to keep the freshness, the aromas and the curative properties of these herbs longer. When throwing it away, the sachet can be recycled in the organic container.

These are the characteristics of the external sachet created by Eniter:

  • It is produced from plant-based bioplastics
  • It offers the correct barrier for a proper preservation of the product’s properties, protecting it from moisture and other environmental conditions
  • The teabag sachet is compostable, therefore, if so is the sachet, they can be recycled together in the organic container.

A certifiable product

When made available to the sector, leader companies have joined these proposals, which has been very well received by consumers.

The compostable material of the external sachet for infusions is manufactured in accordance with the UNE-EN 13432 European Standard and, if the client needs so, it can be certified. This means a great added value for the brand that invests in such a solution.

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Due to its special characteristics, the goat cheese roll has grown in popularity. Used in salads, on the grill, grated, caramelized or crumbled, its specific characteristics provide us with a big range of possibilities. This product, however, requires a very specific preservation. This is where Eniter’s know-how comes into action, making a specific wrapping system for this type of cheese available for the producers.

A product with its own natural protection

Despite the big range of qualities and styles of goat cheese, this product is always presented as a soft paste cheese, whose color is always white and clean, and its texture is creamy and uniform. It is likewise covered by a crust, which is generally made up of white mold. This is a natural and eatable cover, like every cheese lover already knows, which is created by the penicillium fungus and it is the natural way of maintaining the cheese’s compact consistency and creamy texture.

Preserving the protection

In order to correctly preserve the goat cheese roll, the key is in obtaining the appropriate wrap, which preserves its natural protection. In Eniter, we propose a wrapping system with a special micro-perforation that allows the cheese to “breathe” (as cheesemakers like to call it). This micro-perforation keeps the mold alive and within a controlled range of growth, so that it protects the cheese throughout its shelf life. If its natural protection lost vitality, the product would dry up and lose weight, creaminess, smell and taste.

The wrapping system proposed by Eniter for the cheese roll is made of a material that, in addition, offers excellent mechanical properties. These are highly appreciated by the final consumer, since they improve the opening and closing experience of the package at home.

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It is more than a trend; it is a lifestyle, a way of being part of a growing global movement. According to the data of the study “The Green Revolution” by the accounting firm Lantern of 2019, “veggies” are almost 10% of the Spanish population, with a 27% increase in just two years.

But we are not only referring to a population that makes very specific choices just based on their food. We are talking about demanding citizens, who analyze what they buy and who wants absolute transparency. They are also faithful clients who are willing to pay a little more to know that their food choices not only are animal cruelty-free, but they also contribute to the Planet’s wellbeing.

If you have products for “veggie” people, Eniter is your perfect partner.

Responsible packages for a public that demands more than the average.

The R&D work developed by our company lets us offer you solutions for these demanding and aware clients. Packages that gather all these characteristics:

  1. Plant-based plastics. A lot of “veggie” food can be served in light packages that have been totally or partially created from bioplastics.
  2. Compostable packages. These packages can be recycled in the organic container once their shelf life has expired.
  3. High functionality, because we offer specific complexes based on the barrier that each product needs..
  4. Providing the best functionality on any roll or bag format. Even doypacks with compostable zipper closing systems!
  5. We offer the certification of these characteristics, in order to provide the consumers with full guarantee.

The community of “veggies” people is growing. So does the offer for them within distribution. Nowadays, packaging producers are responsible for satisfying this growing demand in a coherent and sustainable way.

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