There are moments in which food companies face apparently contradictory requirements. The chocolate producers, for example, have raised the need to combine these three demands:

  1. Meet the social demand of reducing plastic consumption and improving recyclability.
  2. Achieve the demanded attractive format from the distribution stage.
  3. Keep a production rate with materials that do not harm or slow down the speed of the machines.

As difficult as it may seem, in Eniter we have managed to meet all those demands with a doypack, exclusively designed to contain chocolate.

Reduce 60% of the amount of plastic used

To date, the manufacturers offered medium- and small-size doypack, which included plastic complexes, for chocolate. In Eniter, we present the new proposal with a different material: paper.

That’s right, we have created a complex, mainly made out of paper, which is capable of offering the same protection to the food as plastic and, at the same time, is recyclable. We just need to deposit the used packaging in the paper and cardboard container.

We have kept the window

Another one of the advantages of this packaging is that it allows the inclusion of a functional window, which is perfect for showing the product to the consumers. Droplets, granulated food, mini-portions, etc. Is there, businesswise, anything better than showing these delicious treats to the public? It goes without saying that the client decides the shape of the window: a star, a cloud or, of course, a heart for the most romantic occasions.

Reel and pre-made bags

We love the doypack, because of its practicality and popularity, but these packaging, mainly made of paper, can also be delivered in a reel or in other packaging formats, depending on our client’s needs.


envases para frutos secos

Your company takes good care of the quality of the nuts so that any family that brings them home can fully enjoy them. That is why you always look for packages that offer a high barrier so that the texture, the aroma and the taste are kept like the first day.

So far, your demands called for the use of little-eco-friendly packages, but Eniter wants to offer you an alternative. It is a recyclable package that, at the same time, offers high barrier, which is an essential characteristic for products like yours, which are highly sensitive to external agents.

Many layers, just one material

Eniter now offers a light package with the following characteristics:

  • It is made up of several polypropylene layers It is made of a single material, which highly promotes its recyclability.
  • The addition of different layers, conveniently studied, provides the high barrier needed by nuts, to keep its organoleptic properties intact during the necessary time, thus avoiding food waste.
  • The different layers that form the component have different melting points. These differences are enough to manufacture bags inside a machine temperature range which is pretty easy to handle, not deteriorating the external aspect of the package.
  • The external layer is ready to offer a perfect printing.

Finding the perfect format

This single-material, multi-layer solution has an added advantage and there is the possibility of packaging in flowpack and doypack format. The external layers of our solution can be offered with different melting points:

  • If we choose to pack in flowpack format, we will have a single-material, multi-layer package that, in its external part, will melt at average temperatures.
  • If the doypack option, which is so valued at this point by distributors and consumers, we offer a package whose external layer would support very high melting points, which is ideal for this alternative.

In case of choosing a doypack with zipper closing, this option will also be totally recyclable.


The energetic complements, especially when they are soluble materials, have been traditionally sold in cans. With different combinations in its composition, when choosing these packages, we look for the protection of the product, to have a good brand image. But today, this traditional package is losing ground against the doypack due to the latter’s comfort, especially when talking about offering more sustainable alternatives, which are the ones preferred by the youngest generations.  

The perfect solution for all

The doypack offered by Eniter has been specifically designed for these kinds of products. It is a single-material, polypropylene package, structured as a triplex complex, and with high barrier. This way, we can guarantee the sustainability of the product and offer a flawless aesthetics. It is easy to recycle, in line with the most demanding side of the market.

We go through all the advantages offered by this alternative:

  1. It simplifies the production. When putting the product in bags, we manage to reduce the classical operation (fill, close, label), to a single action.
  2. Logistic improvement. Empty doypack are stored in the production facility, occupying a much smaller space than the space required by cans. Once prepared, they are also easier to transport.
  3. It is more comfortable for the user. It takes less space in the locker or in the sports bag. Moreover, the consumers are aware of how much they have left. 
  4. It offers an excellent image. Like every doypack, it has a wide front part that allows the printing of the best publicity messages.
  5. It is easy to recycle and it is ecological: since it is made up of a single material, it is easy to recycle. But it has one more advantage! It uses less plastic than the amount of material necessary for a can holding the same volume of product.

Do you produce supplements for sportspeople? Do you want to know more about our ecosolutions? Let’s talk.


Inside each cup of coffee there is inspiration, memories, determination. It is just coffee, but its aroma has a special power over us and over our mood. And the need to preserve both the aroma and the rest of its organoleptic characteristics is what has made us traditionally propose high barrier packages for this special product. They are generally non-recyclable complex, laminated packages with aluminum. Fortunately, our in-house research allows Eniter to offer a sustainable alternative which is just as protective.

High barrier without aluminum and 100% recyclable

In Eniter, we have obtained a 100%-recyclable solution for coffee beans. It is a single-material package made up of three polypropylene layers combined depending on the differentiated treatments applied to each one of them. The result is a package that allows a high-quality, beautiful printing on the outside, and a barrier as efficient as aluminum in the inside.  

Avoid the aluminum, keep the barrier

The advantage of a single-material package like this one is that, once it reaches the end of its shelf life, it becomes 100% mechanically recyclable. This means that it can go back to being a commodity for several applications. The extra sustainable feature of this package is that it allows us to avoid the use of laminated aluminum. This is because once this metal has been included in a complex, it is virtually irretrievable.

There are people who still identify the use of aluminum with the quality of the package, which is not necessarily true. The truth is that the most demanding consumers, the ones who set the tone, are requesting something else: new proposals and attitudes from the producers.

What solution do you need?

Nowadays, coffee beans are a product for coffee gourmets or for the on-premises channel. This encourages us to propose packages with these very different characteristics and features. This is why we offer a bag with two bellows and a side welding, as well as doypack, all of them with very varied sizes. Which one do you prefer for your coffee?