The trend exists and it’s growing. Gym lovers have also developed that very specific muscle connected with eco-consciousness. This is why they have joined the consumer movement that demands a radical reduction of plastic, non-reusable packages. In order to meet these demands, Eniter has created innovative, sustainable solutions to wrap, protect and present energy or protein bars, which are so popular amongst sport lovers. One of these solutions is a 100% paper package. It is obviously processed in such a way that it offers the necessary barrier to protect the food inside.

A long list of advantages

Our flowpack packaging is designed to offer important advantages to the brands that choose it:

  1. It allows a high-quality printing, so the brand can keep an attractive and seller image.
  2. It offers high barrier, so the protection of the bar is the same as with other alternatives and its shelf life can be preserved.
  3. It is heat-sealable, which offers a very similar machinability to those materials that have been used so far.
  4. This package combines the advantages of the on-the-go solutions and the ecological aspect, which strengthens the presence of these foods in new channels, beyond the sporting world.
  5. It is 100% recyclable. The whole package can be turned into paper paste if the consumer recycles it—once empty—in the paper and cardboard container.
  6. If there are rests of food, it can also be recycled in the organic container, because this package is also compostable.
  7. The change from plastic to paper strengthens the emotional connection of the brand with the public that is demanding alternatives to the conventional packaging solutions.

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The energetic complements, especially when they are soluble materials, have been traditionally sold in cans. With different combinations in its composition, when choosing these packages, we look for the protection of the product, to have a good brand image. But today, this traditional package is losing ground against the doypack due to the latter’s comfort, especially when talking about offering more sustainable alternatives, which are the ones preferred by the youngest generations.  

The perfect solution for all

The doypack offered by Eniter has been specifically designed for these kinds of products. It is a single-material, polypropylene package, structured as a triplex complex, and with high barrier. This way, we can guarantee the sustainability of the product and offer a flawless aesthetics. It is easy to recycle, in line with the most demanding side of the market.

We go through all the advantages offered by this alternative:

  1. It simplifies the production. When putting the product in bags, we manage to reduce the classical operation (fill, close, label), to a single action.
  2. Logistic improvement. Empty doypack are stored in the production facility, occupying a much smaller space than the space required by cans. Once prepared, they are also easier to transport.
  3. It is more comfortable for the user. It takes less space in the locker or in the sports bag. Moreover, the consumers are aware of how much they have left. 
  4. It offers an excellent image. Like every doypack, it has a wide front part that allows the printing of the best publicity messages.
  5. It is easy to recycle and it is ecological: since it is made up of a single material, it is easy to recycle. But it has one more advantage! It uses less plastic than the amount of material necessary for a can holding the same volume of product.

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