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For over four decades now, we have focused on researching the development of new proposals and different solutions, using technology and our imagination.

We want to innovate by your side


In Eniter, we know that, in the case of solutions, no two are alike! This is why our projects are custom-made. In each one of them, we use our imagination, expertise and know-how, seeking the most appropriate solution: the one that better adapts to the products to be packed, the one that offers a more valuable experience for the final customer, the one that better fits the production methods. The one that adds the most value.

To achieve this, we work side by side with the client in each step:


We help them select the most appropriate materials and formats, bearing in mind three key elements in the contemporary food industry: sustainability, quality and safety.


We provide support to the design teams of our clients in the whole pre-printing process. When combining our expertise with their graphic creativity, we obtain flawless results every time.


We look into the whole productive process to adapt it to our needs and our client’s. We adjust our service to the client’s demands and we reduce delivery times, where necessary.

Final control

Our processes are developed to guarantee a uniform quality based on the requested standards. However, we can add controls on the final product when the project requires so.

Eco-design-based work

In Eniter, we work respecting the ECO-DESIGN principles.

This means that, with our clients’ needs in mind, we look for solutions that will allow the protection of materials, make packaging easier and achieve a perfect usability. Moreover, we design packaging with the eco-design recommendations in mind, to enable its recycling as much as possible.

The basic criteria of eco-design are the following:

  • Select materials that enable subsequent recycling
  • Adjust the package to the amount of product
  • Reduce the thickness of the materials
  • Optimize the grammage of the barriers
  • Minimize the number of colors and the amount of ink used
  • Avoid dark colors
  • Minimize the amount of varnishes
  • Use the appropriate symbols

Easy to use. Easy to recycle

We include easy-to-interpret information on all the eco-friendly packaging. This way, consumers can participate in an appropriate recycling process, making the circular economy a reality and contributing to our Planet’s sustainability.

The value of certifications

We offer our clients the possibility to certify the packaging we produce for them. Even with the most demanding official bodies and the strictest standards. We are certain about the know-how with which we work in our laboratory.


Discover the production facility in the best location, with the most state-of-the-art technology and a professional human team who will help you go far.