The ultimate cold seal: a truly resealable package that offers
the consumer the possibility to open and close it several times

A new conception of RESEALABLE packaging for ice-creams and chocolates

The eniReseal is created to offer an innovative, pleasant experience to the user, who can open and close the packaging multiple times. We are talking about a true resealable packaging, which is still functional after the first and second opening.

The packaging is designed to protect these foods, which are slightly heat-sensitive (especially ice-creams and chocolates) and they need for the packaging machines to work at minimum temperatures.

Moreover, we avoid the use of latex, which has been the solution used so far.

A new way of
cold sealing

It does not contain allergens, which are common in other solutions in the market.

The material does not break when being opened

Truly resealable. You can open and close the package several times. Improved consumer experience.

No additional adhesive labels on the packaging.

The production conditions remain unchanged

Because the mechanization is done under very similar conditions to the processes used so far.


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