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enitR: Recycled

Recycled plastic for food use:
close the circular economy cycle without sacrificing the best possible products

The Best Option:
the circular economy

In Eniter, we are committed to the use of recycled plastics for food use whenever possible, taking into account the characteristic of the food we must pack and protect. This way, we manage to close the circular economy cycle and we contribute to the value increase in the whole food chain.

Advantages of using
recycled plastic

Connect with an ever-growing social demand and demonstrate the consumers that we are capable of being one step ahead of the legally required measures, to let them know we share their values.

Gradually integrate inside the company the demands that will soon be common according to the European Packaging Directive.

One Vision, Different Solutions

In Eniter, we have a large portfolio with different kinds of recycled plastic. Together with our clients, we look into the best options based on their needs and taking into account these parameters at all times:  

Characteristics of the foods and the necessary requirements for each one of them.

Planned mechanization in each case, in order to minimize the modifications to the production, the food and the functionalities required by each one of them.

Price of the final product, in which we always suggest an assessment of the brand reach.

The challenge of recycled plastics and the value of intangible assets.

The use of recycled plastic in the food industry is only possible under strict regulation required by European directives. They demand:  

  • For the original material to be exclusively food-use plastics
  • For the recycling process to be absolutely controlled

Despite the difficulties, promoting the use of recycled plastics and the circular economy is proving to be a substantial contribution to the intangible assets of companies and to the value of their brands.

Do you want this eco-innovation to add value to your products?

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