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enitBIO: Biodegradable materials

Light, biodegradable packages, which blend with nature


Biodegradable plastics are a high-value proposal in the face of the current demands because, in case they reach the natural medium, they can integrate it without negatively affecting it. Unlike conventional plastic products, which end up fragmenting into microplastics, these packages are degraded through the action of biological organisms such as bacteria, insects, fungus or algae and they are reduced to carbon dioxide (CO2), biomass and water.

These are some of their advantages:

They decompose faster

These plastics are degraded much quicker than the conventional polymers, which remain hundreds of years unaltered.

They are transformed into organic products

The decomposition of these plastics is caused by processes which are exclusively biological and that turn them into organic waste.

They help save resources

They mainly come from natural sources, which allows us to reduce the use of crude oil. In addition, their production requires less energy.

Biodegradable packaging
for all types of needs

Whether it is a flowpack roll, a sealable film or bags, in Eniter we customize our production to the specific needs of our clients. In our search for the most appropriate biological package, we look into:

Standards and certifications

If our client deems so appropriate, we can arrange the biodegradable TÜV OK certification in soil, water or marine versions.

Do you want this eco-innovation to add value to your products?

Contact us and we will show you the most appropriate solutions for each case.

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