It is more than a trend; it is a lifestyle, a way of being part of a growing global movement. According to the data of the study “The Green Revolution” by the accounting firm Lantern of 2019, “veggies” are almost 10% of the Spanish population, with a 27% increase in just two years.

But we are not only referring to a population that makes very specific choices just based on their food. We are talking about demanding citizens, who analyze what they buy and who wants absolute transparency. They are also faithful clients who are willing to pay a little more to know that their food choices not only are animal cruelty-free, but they also contribute to the Planet’s wellbeing.

If you have products for “veggie” people, Eniter is your perfect partner.

Responsible packages for a public that demands more than the average.

The R&D work developed by our company lets us offer you solutions for these demanding and aware clients. Packages that gather all these characteristics:

  1. Plant-based plastics. A lot of “veggie” food can be served in light packages that have been totally or partially created from bioplastics.
  2. Compostable packages. These packages can be recycled in the organic container once their shelf life has expired.
  3. High functionality, because we offer specific complexes based on the barrier that each product needs..
  4. Providing the best functionality on any roll or bag format. Even doypacks with compostable zipper closing systems!
  5. We offer the certification of these characteristics, in order to provide the consumers with full guarantee.

The community of “veggies” people is growing. So does the offer for them within distribution. Nowadays, packaging producers are responsible for satisfying this growing demand in a coherent and sustainable way.

Do you want to know more about how to join the “veggie” movement? Let’s talk.

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