There are moments in which food companies face apparently contradictory requirements. The chocolate producers, for example, have raised the need to combine these three demands:

  1. Meet the social demand of reducing plastic consumption and improving recyclability.
  2. Achieve the demanded attractive format from the distribution stage.
  3. Keep a production rate with materials that do not harm or slow down the speed of the machines.

As difficult as it may seem, in Eniter we have managed to meet all those demands with a doypack, exclusively designed to contain chocolate.

Reduce 60% of the amount of plastic used

To date, the manufacturers offered medium- and small-size doypack, which included plastic complexes, for chocolate. In Eniter, we present the new proposal with a different material: paper.

That’s right, we have created a complex, mainly made out of paper, which is capable of offering the same protection to the food as plastic and, at the same time, is recyclable. We just need to deposit the used packaging in the paper and cardboard container.

We have kept the window

Another one of the advantages of this packaging is that it allows the inclusion of a functional window, which is perfect for showing the product to the consumers. Droplets, granulated food, mini-portions, etc. Is there, businesswise, anything better than showing these delicious treats to the public? It goes without saying that the client decides the shape of the window: a star, a cloud or, of course, a heart for the most romantic occasions.

Reel and pre-made bags

We love the doypack, because of its practicality and popularity, but these packaging, mainly made of paper, can also be delivered in a reel or in other packaging formats, depending on our client’s needs.

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