Simplification is one of the fundamental principles of the sought-after eco-design by Eniter. Simplifying the package and using the least possible amount of material is one of the most efficient ways of making our industry more sustainable. But we know that these principles are sometimes incompatible with deep-rooted practices. One of them is the use of overwrapped solutions, commonly used for the packaging of ground coffee.

We believe that this second layer is unnecessary if there is already a good package that can offer a great image and can moreover protect the content from oxygen and moisture. However, knowing that there are companies that keep choosing the overwrapped system, we have created an interesting, 100%-recyclable solution.

An alternative with heat-sealable paper

Overwrapped packaging for ground coffee has been traditionally made of alternate polypropylene and paper layers, which made them impossible to recycle. Our proposal—for those who are not ready to stop using them just yet—is the use of a 100% heat-sealable layer. Advantages? We can highlight these three:

  • High-quality printing, which helps us offer an attractive packaging on the supermarket shelf.
  • It has an excellent machinability: it does not require great production changes.
  • It is entirely made up of paper and it is 100% recyclable, reason why it can be recycled in the paper and cardboard container.

More design, less materials

Those who defend the overwrapped packaging claim that it is a traditional solution, which provides prestige to the product. We are sure they are right. But we also know that if we work with new designs, we could totally avoid the use of this extra material, thus protecting both the prestige and the image.

Either way, if your company prefers to continue using the overwrapped solution, we offer you a new alternative: 100% paper; 100% recyclable.

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