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We are committed
to a better future


For out almost five decades of operation, our company has lived first-hand the transformations undergone by our society: changes in the distribution, in the way families live, in the social demands.

Throughout these transformations, Eniter has always been ready to tread new paths side by side with its clients, to improve food safety, to enhance the consumption experience and to make sustainable packaging a reality. We are a committed:

With our clients

We work by their side to find specific solutions and we seek long-term partnerships that will provide them with competitive advantages.

With our staff

We guarantee the safety and health of those who make this company possible, and we get involved in the development of their professional careers.

With the final consumer

We keep the families who use our packaging in mind at all times, so as to make sure that each packaging improves their purchasing experience.

With the Planet

Apart from devising, designing and producing eco-innovative packaging, we work to ensure that our production is as efficient as possible

We reduce the carbon footprint

In our production process, we make real efforts to minimize the energetic consumption and thus reduce the CO2 emissions. We also recover materials and reduce the shrinkage thanks to new rotogravure and flexography printing technologies, as well as lamination and compilation technologies.

We manage the quality with the most demanding standards

Our work complies with the BRC Packaging Protocol to ensure the quality, hygiene and safety of the packaging we produce.

We take care of our staff

We guarantee the safety and health of our staff in all work-related aspects. For this, we constantly review the prevention measures that we apply in all our processes

We encourage the use of digital technologies to guarantee the quality.