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Our technical means, human team and production facility are an ideal combination for the provision of services for the most innovative food-industry companies.

High-performance productive capacity

The most demanding production

Most of our clients come from a high-demanding sector: the food industry. We guarantee quality, margins and deadlines. We look into every single detail and our production always responds to the needs. Our expert human team and an always-updated technology allows us to:

Print light packaging in rotogravure and flexography

Laminate, when necessary

Deliver in reels or as bags with easy-to-open system, zipper, eurohole, etc.

A strategically located facility

  • Our facilities have an extension of 14,000 m2. There, we can find all the services: laboratories, office, design study and a state-of-the-art production facility.
  • The location is ideal: in the core of the Mediterranean Corridor, where most part of the Spanish food industry is.
  • Great transport connections: highways, railways, port and airport.

The most innovative technology

We work with three types of printing: rotogravure, flexography and digital , used depending on the needs of the different projects.

We include quality assurance systems to offer a printing that guarantees total homogeneity.

We print on all widths up to 1,300 mm.

An imaginative professional
human team

  • Over time, our company has developed the know-how that allows us to know the materials, improve them or exchange them until we find the perfect solution for each case.
  • The good communication between departments (laboratory, design, pre-impression and production) is what enables us to accompany the client from the moment the need or idea arises to the moment where it becomes a reality.

An electronic assurance
for colors

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We have developed a technique for the control and standardization of the printing inks that allow us to offer major benefits:

  • The possibility to work with bright and luminous colors, with a greater brightness and intensity than a CMYK printing
  • Achieve a greater stability in the color throughout the whole printing, as well as an exact repetition
  • Optimize the total number of used colors, thus improving the costs and lowering the environmental impact

Artificial vision
for a flawless result

After printing or varnishing, all the packages printed in our facility undergo an automatic evaluation by artificial vision equipment. This system guarantees that all of our production is handed in to the client with the highest quality standards.

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Innovation And Production Capacity At Your Service

Discover our ideally-located production facility, with the most state-of-the-art technology and a professional human team who will help you go far.