Materials in reels
for any need

With a perfect machinery

The format that allows the maximum adaptation to all needs

Our main production is offered in reel format, because it is the most widely used in the food sector due to its capacity to adapt to products and machinery. Our work includes:  

Material diversity

We work with simple or complex materials and we print on classic surfaces, but also on the most innovative ones, including eco-friendly plastics and 100% paper solutions.

Perfect printing

We work with the best printing machines and experienced staff that uses rotogravure and flexography methods. We include digital printing for smaller print runs.

In full detail

We produce laminated products and varnishes (including to registry) and we integrate the finishing desired by the client: die-cuts, easy-to-open system, eurohole, etc.


We adapt the printing of our reels to the needs of each product and to the machines owned by our clients, with widths of up to 1,300 mm and diameters of up to 850 mm.

The power of

We have developed eco-friendly solutions for products presented in reels format. It is going to be required by law soon. Nowadays, however, it is a market’s requirement. Customers are favoring brands that are committed to these types of solutions. Choose yours.  


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