Regardless of whether your product is a sausage, or sweet or spicy chorizo; to be consumed from the package or to add to a hot recipe… choosing the strings is always the right choice. If you choose a package 100% made of paper, it will be even better. Because, like we all know, the public opinion shows a growing preference for paper packages, provided their functionality is appropriate.

A long list of advantages

Our paper package for a string of cold cuts is excellent news for the most committed manufactures in the meat industry. First, because it allows them to show their commitment for sustainability. Also, because we can switch from the plastic package to this new proposal with no type of transformation in the productive processes.

This package offers up to five unique advantages:

  1. It always offers a flawless appearance, because paper has undergone a treatment against fat stains and, at the same time, it allows for a high-quality impression.
  2. It offers an optimal barrier, which guarantees the preservation of the sausages under excellent conditions.
  3. It is heat-sealable, so it can be included to the machinery that any manufacturer is using to date.
  4. The consumer can easily recycle it, by placing it in the paper and cardboard container, because every package can be re-converted into paper paste. In the event of there being food remains, they can also be recycled in the organic container, because they are compostable.
  5. If the manufacturer wishes for the product to be visible, the package can be manufactured with a transparent window, which could be presented in any way. In this case, the package would not be 100% paper, but it would still be a strong commitment to sustainability.

The demands to reduce the use of plastics is already out there. But investing in the inclusion of paper is much more than just listening to the demand: it is showing to what extent a company is aligned with its consumers and with a smart defense of ecology.

Do you need more reasons to switch to this package? Do you want to know more? Let’s talk.

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