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enitCOMPOST: Compostable

100% compostable solutions:
A commitment to keep on feeding nature

We mimic nature and we turn a potential waste into a resource

Compostable plastics allow us to offer innovative solutions to the food industry. These are plastics that, once its shelf life has expired, they are transformed into a resource: they are turned into compost for vegetal fertilizers and they re-start the process of nature and food.

100% compostable products

This includes the layers, adhesives, inks and accessories.

European certified

Products certified in accordance to UNE-EN 13432, which can be verified

Renewable nature

Most of these solutions are plat-based commodities.

A different solution
for every need

Our portfolio of light, compostable packages can be adapted to the needs of each client. We design reels, sealable film or bags taking the following parameters into account:

  • The demanded functionality depending on the food to be protected
  • The technical characteristics that the industrial production demands in each case
  • The added value that this package represents for stakeholders  


Apart from being verified and normalized, our compostable packages can be certified under the most demanding standards. There are a lot of advantages of being able to use these marks:  


It allows for the final client to clearly differentiate between the several typologies of plastics that are currently offered in the market.


When producing such a product, the manufacturer is adding a value that is ever more appreciated among consumers.


It makes waste sorting at home easier. In the future, we will be able to deposit these packages together with the organic waste.

Do you want this eco-innovation to add value to your products?

Contact us and we will show you the most appropriate solutions for each case.

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