The easy-to-open system that respects the food protection:
it improves the user experience without losing the barrier

Customer-friendly, easy-to-open packaging
focused on protection

Improving the user experience is one of the key works when designing the product packaging. This is why the easy-to-open solutions appeared. However, they had their limitations.

With eniShape, we have solved most of them thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology and the cooperation with highly qualified staff.  

Every possibility

Any design

Our packaging can include the most appropriate easy-to-open system, depending on the product.

Reclosable window

This possibility is very interesting, because it is an added value to food packaging

With micro-perforations to enable transpiration

We are capable of introducing this possibility thanks to our laser technique.

With macro-perforation

To let out the remaining air inside the packaging, to facilitate the grouping and to optimize the transportation space.

From the smallest detail
to the tangible benefit

The easy-to-open system is an element that allows a person to interact with the packaging in a simpler and more practical way than with a conventional packaging. This way, this kind of detail (to which we can likewise add a re-closing formula) improves the general perception of the brand that has chosen it and becomes a tangible benefit, because it has a positive impact on the brand’s reputation and in the loyalty of the final customer.