Gourmets and purists prefer tea leaves, but most infusions and the rest of the tisane classics (chamomile, linden, mint) are sold in sachets. A matter of comfort.

Longer shelf-life, more intense aroma, compostable.

The compostable material used to produce the external sachet covering the teabag is very interesting from the product’s durability point of view, because it allows to keep the freshness, the aromas and the curative properties of these herbs longer. When throwing it away, the sachet can be recycled in the organic container.

These are the characteristics of the external sachet created by Eniter:

  • It is produced from plant-based bioplastics
  • It offers the correct barrier for a proper preservation of the product’s properties, protecting it from moisture and other environmental conditions
  • The teabag sachet is compostable, therefore, if so is the sachet, they can be recycled together in the organic container.

A certifiable product

When made available to the sector, leader companies have joined these proposals, which has been very well received by consumers.

The compostable material of the external sachet for infusions is manufactured in accordance with the UNE-EN 13432 European Standard and, if the client needs so, it can be certified. This means a great added value for the brand that invests in such a solution.

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