Aluminum-free. Plastic-free. We have commercialized a specific package made exclusively out of paper to make popcorn in the microwave-oven with excellent results. Even better than those used to date.

An ever-growing social demand

The growing eco-consciousness makes consumers demand efficient and sustainable solutions for products they buy.

This is way, in Eniter we have created eniWave, a 100%-paper, high-impact alternative to make popcorn in the microwave. A product that avoids the use of plastic and metalized materials. The crux of this package is the way the paper is processed so its inner part reaches a high-enough temperate to turn corn kernels into that delicious final product, which everybody loves.

This alternative has multiple advantages:

  • The eniWave packaging is manufactured exclusively from renewable paper.
  • Once they have reached the end of their shelf life, they can be deposited in the paper and cardboard container, because it can be turned into paper paste and be re-used as a commodity.
  • Moreover, since paper is biodegradable and compostable, it can also be recycled in the organic container if there are food remains inside.

Avoid the use of laminated aluminum

The market is more and more aware of the need to use easy-to-recycle packages. In this specific case, this is possible by eliminating the laminated aluminum. This metal, which is highly advantageous thanks to its recyclability, when used in tins or other types of packages is hard to recoverin the form of an extra layer in packages.

Would you give eniWave a try? Let’s talk.

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