Many of the best-selling dishes in distribution—like hummus, salads or sushi—are eaten cold. Other—like pizza—are heated up, but not usually in their original packages. We present a more eco-friendly, sustainable solution for all of them. Choose it and make your brand reach the most demanding clients. These are thermoformed trays covered with a lid made up of paper or film and which form a totally compostable component.

An interesting list of advantages

This solution, proposed by Eniter, has characteristics that make it unbeatable in this segment:

  1. It is a compostable packaging. These means that, upon its use (with or without food scraps), it can be recycled in the organic container
  2. The whole package is compostable: the punnet and the closing layer, as well as the adhesives and inks used in its manufacturing.
  3. The package is made up of (totally or partially) plant-based plastics, this is, from renewable sources.
  4. From a functional and machinability point of view, this material offers very similar characteristics to the products used to date.
  5. Depending on the client’s needs, we can certify both the origin of materials and their capacity to produce compost.

The great advantage of getting ahead of regulations

Aside from the mentioned advantages, investing in these types of solutions allows companies to add more value to their brands. It is an undeniable commitment with the Planet’s future. It likewise helps avoiding moral conflicts for the clients: they will know they are contributing to suitability without having to give up their favorite ready-to-eat meals.

How much value do you think this would add to your brand? Shall we talk?

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